When selling your home, there can be many complications that can slow down the process. Many people don’t realize they have other options than just using a realtor to sell your home. Selling your house for cash to real estate investors is a great way to sell it as quickly as possible and dodge any obstacles without having to work with someone else.

One of the best reasons to sell your home for cash is to save money. Real estate investors usually purchase houses they flip in all cash. There are many benefits to this and to the sellers of these homes who take advantage of cash offers. When someone sells their home to a real estate investor, they bypass at least 6% of realtor fees, sometimes more. 

Not only do investors the seller money, but they also save them time. Buyers can spend about 6-10 weeks closing on a home while obtaining a loan from a bank. The underwriting process takes the majority of this time. Cash buyers completely cut out the process and time of needing a bank and can speed up selling a home.

During a cash offer, there is nothing that can threaten the sale of the home. The two biggest ways a deal could fall through with a realtor is during an inspection or an appraisal. A buyer or bank may see something they do not like during one or both of these, and have the ability to back out of the contract. Cash buyers don’t do official inspections or appraisal, so at the time of the offer, they know that we are buying the property.

Realtors can come in handy when you are selling your house, especially if you need to make it look nice. But cash buyers will just buy your house as it is. You won’t have to put any money to any upgrades or small projects to be able to sell your house.

Paying cash gives sellers a longer period of time to move out of their house and find a new home. Usually, they have around 30 days and can use the cash from the sale to buy a house or property to build. Usually, a buyer would want the home a few days after the sale.

Convenience is key when selling your home and selling it for cash will always make it faster and easier to complete the sale.